My story.

I’m Cameron Sinfield.


I love to figure out how things work and how to make things work.

My love for digital art began when I was in primary school, at which point I started modelling and adding exotic cars to my favourite racing simulator. In high school I thoroughly enjoyed architecture and, while rendering my ideas in 3ds Max, found that I had a knack for mastering software packages, resulting in the teaching staff recognising and putting forward my expertise to win a sizeable grant for the school in a “Smart Classroom” design competition.

I’d found what made my brain tick, then found my passion in adding digital assets to my film and television projects while proudly achieving the position of Film and Television Prefect in my senior years. The combination of these two skills, as well as my love for cars, made for a perfect match - Infrastructure Visualisation. As such, I have continued to work in this industry ever since - firstly at Urban Circus and recently at Spatial Media as one of the founding members. In my primary role of Lead Technical Artist, I produced many video and still image projects, as well as developing tools to assist in production. Meanwhile, I worked on a solo project to create an interactive platform based in Unity. Due to popularity, a small team was assembled, in which I lead the staff to polish the product and add more features. I’m now looking to the horizon for my next adventure.