About Me

I’m Cameron Sinfield. I’m a 3d Artist based in Brisbane, Australia.

I have 5 years experience as a 3D Modeller and Animator specialising in major infrastructure projects. My experience, extensive knowledge and technical expertise as a 3D modeller and animator have given me  the ability to produce a high standard of work, including using client data to create 3D assets and environments for two of the biggest road projects in Australia and projects overseas.


As a 3D Modeller, I’m responsible for creating accurate 3d models of environments, creating realistic materials and managing large scale 3d environments. Importing architectural and engineering data such as MX, cross sections, elevations and cadastre, I’m able to  manipulate this data using programs like 12D, Autocad and 3DS Max. I have also lead teams of varying sizes and worked individually on projects ranging from Australia’s largest road project, a major international road project and large scale virtual cities down to rendered photomontages of proposed developments.

I received my Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialising in Animation) from QANTM, Brisbane in 2009.


Have a look around and get in touch. As well as 3d Art I also love photography and music, I’m sure you’ll find something you like around here.